Christian Symbols
Celebrating Twenty Years
of Worship and Service
Stain Glass Window and Wood Carving
Stained Glass Window
The Cross is the dominant symbol in
the window. By it people who worship
are reminded of the Sacrifice of Christ
for the forgiveness of their sins. The
Crown of Thorns circles the Greek
Symbol for Christ at the top of the
cross. This symbol reminds Christians
that Jesus Christ suffered in their place.
Bunches of grapes near the horizontal
beam of the cross symbolize the shed
blood of Christ and at the bottom of
the cross stalks of grain symbolize His
body. These symbols are focused in
the bread and wine of Holy
Communion where Christians receive
the very real presence of Jesus Christ.
Water flowing from a sea shell cascades down the vertical beam of the cross
symbolizes Holy Baptism in which God acts to supernaturally adopt naturally born
human beings into His eternal family. The Dove at the very top of the cross is a
symbol of the HOLY SPIRIT. He is the person of God who draws us to Christ,
establishes us in faith and teaches us how to live out our belief.
This beautiful teaching window was provided by memorial gifts from the living to
celebrate their memories of loved ones already with the Lord in heaven.
Wood Carving
A beautiful old wood carving of
Jesus on the cross looking down at
his Mother on one side and the
beloved apostle John on the other
reminds us of Jesus words from the
cross addressing his concern that
his mother continue to be cared for
(John 19:26-27)